What is possible in the healing process when we stretch our belief systems and allow deeper wisdom and imagination?

During this six week course, we will explore different paradigms of healing currently in place. We will then take a fresh approach to consider what is really possible in the healing process.

This is a process that is alive and continues to evolve, as we continue to grow. Bring the richness of your intention, as the catalyst for personal and communal healing. We will also incorporate teachings and practices from different traditions that we can easily adopt and integrate in our lives. Join us in a process that deepens our relationship and our ability to respond to the needs that are revealed through deeper intimacy with Self.
PRE-requisite Level I Foundation


Exploring the Divine Dialogue of the Soul through the doorway of Dreaming. You are invited to deepen sacred meaning and your relationship with the Divine by discovering the nature of the dream dialogue as it unveils your soul’s purpose in the Dream called Life.
We live in a field of dreams, where levels of meaning and dialogue are ever present to the Heart, which has a clear intention to discover the divine dreamer in ourselves and in our world.

This course will help guide our intentions, as we navigate the “dream landscape” and develop the ability, intuition and clarity to recognize the Divine Intelligence that expresses through the unique language of our individual dreams.
We will also explore how this dream world of mirrors reveals the sacred meaning of our life experiences and what we are being called to change when we recognize how our life is also a dream.
Pre-requisite: Level I


PRE-requisite Level I Foundation