Our inner and outer life missions require us to both go to the inward dialogue and also to step out and take action from what we find there within ourselves. The Life Mission Action Forum was created to help facilitate that movement from the inner to the manifest. By having more time with Daniel to practice the exercises in the manual, learn more refinements & techniques, share spiritual practice and ask questions, the momentum for the ‘doing’ of our life missions is greatly supported.

The Action Forum will help to create a personalized structure/rhythm for setting and meeting life mission goals as a natural and graceful part of your daily life. The questions around resistance, faith and who we are becoming as we take life mission steps in our lives will evolve not only during, but also after, our time together at classes. The forum is a beautiful, safe way to stay present to the attunement offered in class and to the successes & challenges of living your life mission into being. Sharing well into the spring, the forum setting allows for the sustained inspiration, encouragement, insight and community to help anchor the inner and outer unfoldment of your life mission.

Pre-requisite: Life Mission I and/or II - (If you have not taken LM II please call Daniel to confirm)


A “Way” is a container for the living accumulation of a body of work. For the “work” of the manuals, for the life of the Being of Life Mission III to bloom into a Way you live, we’re called to enter into the practice of the “Way”. The purpose of the forum has always been to create structure & skill building for the fulfillment and embodiment, making part of one’s life, this body of work we’ve entered into.
Join the forum as we continue to co-create the weaving into our daily life this work, the embodiment of the Good, the True & the Beautiful.


January 4th we begin the Life Mission IV forum telebridge. We will be approaching the completion of the 12 days of Christmas, and the beginning of the Octave of epiphany, which begins January 6th. Together they tune us to the conversation with Life and the One who sent us, as we bring our attention to the alignment and emerging pattern of the blueprint of 2017 (as it relates to our intention for 2017 in particular, and the following years in general).  In the movement of these octaves we are analogically, alchemically, archetypically invited to design, develop, map and plan our intention for the next octave.

January 6th sometimes called Three Kings Day is the first note of the Vertical Octave of “eternity entering into time.” The day of Epiphany marks the beginning of the week of ceremonies meant to “bring the gifts in,” to co-initiate, co-create, and co-evolve, the intersection of our intention and the future that wants to emerge.
The six weeks of the Life Mission IV forum is an opportunity to establish a grounded practice and skill development of this way of implementing intention from Epiphany/Dropped-in Presence. The weeks of the forum are an opportunity to revisit the manual in an extended format, to work the process, ask questions and form community. A great opportunity to form core groups around an intention, work the manual together, and perhaps launch prototypes.