The Way of the Heart Testimonials

“In my too-many-to-count years as a seeker, I have encountered many trainings/teachings that claim to serve our personal transformation and spiritual evolution and I have immersed myself wholeheartedly in a few of them. I’m glad to have had those experiences, painful though some of them were, because they gave me the eyes to perceive the integrity, freshness, depth, range and intelligence of The Way of the Heart work. It’s a well-designed training that is deeply respectful of the participants and is presented by committed, knowledgeable, wise and openhearted teachers. I am beyond grateful.”

-Donna S.

“I love the life mission work. Every bit of it is deeply life changing and profoundly moving. Thank you! Every time I take a The Way of the Heart class I am amazed of the shifts I see in my own life. The support and love I feel here is one of the key reasons my heart longs to return each year. Thank you for opening my heart to unlimited possibilities.”

-Devon M.

“I have experienced profound results personally and see great potential with how I can use it in my business as I deepen my understanding and practice of The Way of the Heart. Thank you!”

-Cynthia B. Publisher

“I experience tremendous gratitude. Full body, heart and soul gratitude for the work that I have been able to do with The Way of the Heart. This is possible because these teachers - you all are so clearly and poignantly and bodaciously doing yours.”

-Kathryn R.

My perception to my outside environment changed even though my circumstances remained the same. I became more calm, grateful, content with just being who I am. I also regained my natural curiosity while letting go of my daily routine of anxious thought.”

-Chad B.

“I am thankful for the degree of sacredness that you hold for our work, and the kindness and space that is allowed and held for us. The insights into communication are amazing and life changing. Thank you Kimberly, Daniel, Eduardo and your team or blazing these trails for us to follow. I see myself becoming a better lover of myself, my partner, and all humanity, living creation and my creator.”

-Bill H.

“I am in awe at how powerful this tool is – how wonderful all these people are – how much love is held here. I can see myself a little more clearly, and I’m liking me more and more. What an amazing weekend! Thank you Kim!

-Christine B.