Gateway (Introduction Course)

Level I & II Foundation Courses

Level IV – Power : Heart & Mind

Level V – Soul : Dynamic

Level VI – Light : Spirit

Level VII – Return of the King

Love Generator – Standard of Excellence

Question of the Heart

Planetary Self-Healing

Life Mission I

Life Mission II

Life Mission III

Life Mission IV

Feng Shui I

Feng Shui II

Song of Divine Creation

Inner Retreat : Inner Presence

Inner Retreat : Women’s Healing in Relationships

Inner Retreat : Making God a Reality

Inner Retreat : Hidden Treasure Shadow

Inner Retreat : Practical Spirituality

Pilgrimage to Virgin of Guadalupe

Guidance , Manifestation & Abundance Retreat

Myth & Archetype of Self



Current Schedule

Hidden Treasure Shadow : Foundation Telebridge

Transforming Grief & Shadow Telebridge

Feminine Healing in Relationship – Telebridge

Life Force Telebridge

Science & Spirituality Telebridge

Feng Shui I – Telebridge

Feng Shui II – Telebridge

Life Mission II – Action Forum

Life Mission III Forum Telebridge

Life Mission IV – Telebridge

Developing Inner Listening Telebridge

Alchemical Healing – Telebridge

Reality of Dreams Telebridge