The Way of the Heart was founded by Kimberly Herkert & Daniel Goodenough in 1988, from a desire to serve the highest story, both personally and collectively. Both have brought an extensive foundation of study in multiple spiritual traditions, sciences and the arts.

Kimberly Herkert brings to her students over 30 years of experience as an international trainer and field intuitive. Weaving her teachings with parable, history, passion and humor, she facilitates advanced work in the realms of consciousness and inner transformation, to empower heart-based action in the world.

Daniel Goodenough brings a commitment to embody the human experience and its expression through art, science and spirituality. He has worked as a scientist, a professional musician, fine artist and designer; and he has had a lifelong commitment to the mystical path. He brings a depth of understanding to empower students of the Way toward the fulfillment of their life mission.

Why - When asked, most people express great frustration in their lives around not having found a Way of unfolding and expressing their being; longing for a greater sense of purpose and meaning; wanting to be able to transform the difficulties and problems in our lives; and wanting to be able to overcome limitations in our understanding, our relationships with ourselves, with others and with our connection to the divine.
Each of us is being called to realize that awareness of our longing is not enough. We are being challenged and called to act from our deepest place of inner guidance and empowerment, for the highest story of our lives. Called to live life as high art and spiritual practice; To expect the best from ourselves and the world.

The Way of the Heart was born to serve the highest story - the fulfillment of both our personal and collective destiny - that we may live the Way of our Hearts.
Through the integration of art, science and spirituality (or the Good, the True and the Beautiful), a Way is offered to work with the fields of all life - that which holds the blueprint, informs and creates the life we live. A Way is offered to transform self-identity, patterns, problems and difficulties, and also to deepen divine self-awareness, intuition and power to act from the deep freedom of real choice.