Life Mission



As long as I remember remembering, I had this idea we’re all here for a reason. As a child, I looked around at the adults in the world and wondered why they went day after day, to something that held so little interest for them. Why did they spend so much of their time doing something that made them so unhappy? It seemed tied, to a large degree, with this “work thing”.

  • I believe people deserve to be fulfilled in their work.
  • I believe it’s not only possible to work in your passion; it’s the most productive way to live your life.
  • I believe each person deserves to be excited and enthused about going to work. I believe work involves entirely too much of our life to be taken up by something we’re miserable doing.
  • I believe it’s soul murder to not answer the yearning of our hearts and the gifts we’re given.

It’s always been a great source of bewilderment to me, when people seem to think the very question of why they’re here is not of much importance. What could be more important than the question of why we’re here?

What is the sense of spending a life of marking time, when we can do the thing we’re sent to do? The poet Rumi said, ” It is as if a king has sent you to do a task, and you perform a thousand other services. Then you have done nothing in your life”.

My Life Mission is, and has always been; to help others remember, design, and achieve their Life Mission. Part of this process involves weaving the gifts, wisdom, and teachings of the traditions of the visual and performing arts, sciences, and spirituality into Life Mission. This is what gives meaning to my life.


Our world stands on the shoulders of those who followed their visions in the past. Evolution, however you may feel about it, is the by-product of something calling us to a new way. Each time one person, anywhere in the world, listens to that voice coming from within, the world changes in ways hard to map. We know from Chaos Theory that small incremental changes can have enormous effects on systems all over the planet. In this “wired” world, these changes are amplified almost instantly everywhere in the world.

We’re asked to be ready to reinvent ourselves continually. Now it’s more important than ever to know why we’re here. This connection to our passion is a lifeline to the source of inspiration and energy that keeps us going.

Each person’s choice to honor the voice of their Life Mission or not, does affect every other person on the planet. The principle of morphic resonance states that anytime anyone anywhere accomplishes something, it will become easier for someone else to do it everywhere in the world. This also unfortunately holds true for the millions each year told that to believe they could do anything with their life, is just a dream and they had better grow out of it.

Sufi’s have a saying that anytime one person honors their purpose for being here, ten thousand more will find their way. The profound down-line effect of a decision to follow the call of Life Mission would be difficult to calculate. Try to imagine the people in your life now, and the way in which their lives have been changed by your presence. The choices you made each day, changed their lives to varying degrees in every case. Imagine the impact of following your dreams! What is the impact of not following your dreams? Most of us have seen the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life starring a young Jimmy Stewart. In the movie, his character got the chance to see how many lives were changed by his life. The effect, on just the first cycle out, was enormous and he saw how his life ultimately affected everyone in town.

Our choice to answer the call of our heart or not has an impact on the world. What we accomplish in doing our Life Mission may be the foundation for someone else’s Life Mission tomorrow. We’re all counting on each other.



When we reach the end of your pilgrimage here, who do we want to be? This is a very different question than, “What do we want to have done?” We make this pilgrimage for what it changes in us. In accomplishing the what, it changes who we are. Sometimes we must become a different who, before we can accomplish the what. The highest possibility for who we can become is found within us by actually taking the journey.

When we’ve traveled the Way, and walked through the fire of the challenges of our particular calling, past all the trials of the journey, there will be someone waiting for us. It will be the person that can only be birthed by going the distance. The person that we know ourselves to be today, is the result of all the small choices we’ve made leading to all the big choices that follow. The person we’re hungering to meet when we get to the end of our pilgrimage is the one who walked the Way, paid the dues, and gone the distance answering the call.
As Monica from the television series Touched By An Angel said, ” I never said it would be easy. I just said it would be worth it.”



What would it take to be willing enough to actually do your Life Mission? It isn’t that you just go out and do it, and then again sometimes you do just that. You just go out and do it. We make some changes and that can seem hard. It can be and then again, sometimes it is the easiest thing in the world.

Sometimes we just make up our mind and do it. We look at our life and make changes. We make them one at a time, or sometimes all at once. We look at what we’ve done for years, and suddenly just know we won’t ever do it that way again. It might be that a different kind of clarity becomes available.

What if, for each major turning point in life, we had a template, so the decision was based on whether or not it added to, or took away from the chance of manifesting our Life Mission? What if, all the choices for action were based on our Life Mission? What would it take to be willing?


LIFE MISSION for what it changes in us

We’re sent here with a purpose in this life. The gift of living our life mission is what it creates in us. We’re asked sometimes to do difficult things and the gift for us is precisely that it’s difficult. When we do the easy thing, it has less power to change us and doesn’t always benefit us.

The journey of holding the intention to become the vision of what is possible for our life, of living the question of why we’re here, will in itself transform us. We live our Life Mission for what it changes in us, and the living of it is the very process designed to create the highest possibility in us. It is, in fact, the only way to achieve this.



Life Mission is a process that makes it possible to become successful as human beings. It’s a way of living our life that requires the very best of us. It’s a place we find true joy and peace. Life Mission is the opportunity to remember that part of us that touches on our greatness. If we can hold on to our intention to answer that call, we may find that part of ourselves that can only be found down the narrow road.

Answering the call of your Life Mission is the chance to meet the very best part of you.

We’re here for such a short time, and it’s so easy to forget our possible greatness. It’s easy when life happens to forget how much in us can be passed over. What happens in moments of greatness that overrides all of our smallness? If we’re here for a reason, then those moments of greatness could be waiting for us just around the next bend in the road.


How can you care about something like Life Mission if you don’t have a reason? It’s hard to find a reason without beauty in your life. Beauty is one of the highest attributes within a human being, and also in the way a human life is conducted. Beauty and Life Mission are intricately intertwined. Life Mission is an avenue to beauty, just as beauty lights that avenue to Life Mission.

What do you find beautiful?
Can you say you create beauty in your day?
Do you find your life beautiful?
It’s said you love that which you find beautiful.
How can you love your life if you can’t find beauty in it?
What would it take for your life to become beautiful to you?

When I think about Life Mission and the basic goodness of people, I wonder how anyone could be doing their Life Mission and not be in the space of gratitude and kindness. Being in your Life Mission brings out the goodness of life. Being in your Life Mission keeps your eyes full of wonder and the beauty of life.

It may be that the biggest gift of Life Mission is that it’s the closest we can come in this life to seeing the face of the Divine. I see the face of the Great Sacred Mystery every time I make a decision to listen to the inner call, in alignment with my Life Mission. Whenever I see someone else answer the call, I smile and say thank you for the privilege of witnessing it.

I feel like humanity has a chance after all. I see a great deal of that. I see a longing in people. I see such heart in people. I see such pain in people around wanting to do more and wanting to make a difference. It is good to see that in people. It is good to see someone willing to make great sacrifice to make this world a better place.


Life Mission is a work of profound mystery, magic, and wonder. It’s a paradox, and answers to something we know in our hearts and yet struggle to explain. It’s something that moves us to tears, and if we’re paying attention, smile that we can be so moved.

In this profound mystery, in this miracle of the seven billion to one uniqueness called a human being, what is my purpose for being? This great mystery, this sacred mystery called a human being’s journey, asks from each of us a uniquely profound thing. What is a great step for one person will not be for the next. We’re given the perfect opportunity to make the choice that will be our soul’s greatest stretch.

If our Life Mission is everything we’re here for, if remembering the one who sent us is our first Life Mission: then in our mission is every beauty, heartbreak, disappointment, test, and wonderful, magical, mystical thing that life has to give to remind us. In our mission is every moment of faith and hope, when the sun has yet to rise, that our soul requires to know that we know, that we know The Great Sacred Mystery.

If we choose not to take that path, we pass on perhaps one of our greatest gifts for remembering.

– Daniel Goodenough