What if--there is a Way to live our dreams, our Life Mission and at the same time transform and heal the stories and wounds that create limitations trying to take us off our path?
The Gateway opens the doorway to this vibrant conversation and process.
Through an exploration integrating breath, intention and energetic field work we are invited to enter into a journey of the deepest desire of our hearts. At the same time we place our attention on what stops us--the opposing energies.
The Gateway teaches a process that begins to address this quest, gently, creatively and permanently. Working with the tools offered in the Level I & II class, we explore and learn to make new and life giving choices for ourselves and our planet.
The Gateway to Level I & II opens us to the real possibility for hope and stimulates the forces of healing within ourselves. It is the bridge to the deeper work offered through The Way of the Heart.

Interested in a Gateway? Connect with us for details.