Cultivating Resilience and Peace


Cultivating Resilience and Peace

Introduction to The Way of the Heart

In these times of great change and upheaval, certain qualities become crucial to navigate the shifting terrains of our outer life and inner condition. There are two key qualities necessary to emerge empowered in our hearts and lives through our current challenges: Resilience and Peace.

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We will be invoking this deep capacity; the ability to embody and embrace the skills to meet difficulties and challenges both personally and professionally, while also harmonizing ourselves with the energy and aliveness moving through our experiences. It is an act of living in greater awareness and responsiveness; having more peace within oneself, while becoming more focused, flexible and productive.

The time of meaningful action is upon us, personally and globally. More than ever, we are called to meet life not just as passersby or witnesses, but as active co-creators of our destiny and that of the planet.

Join us in this empowering journey of inner exploration, skill development and deepening life meaning & purpose.

We will never attain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves.”- Dalai Lama XIV

Kimberly Herkert cofounded The Way of the Heart in 1988, as a catalyst towards more loving inner truth and self-awareness, empowering heart-based action in the world.  As an international trainer, facilitator, and alchemical retreat guide, Kimberly brings compassion and humor to the process of discovering the inner resources and resilience that support embodying our highest ideals.


Five weeks, beginning Tuesday, April 4, through Tuesday, May 2, 2023.


6:00pm – 7:15pm Pacific Time by telebridge conference call. 

If you would like to re-listen or are unable to attend a week’s training, calls will be recorded and available 24 hours after the original call date for two weeks.


Contact Sarah Karnes (registrar for The Way of the Heart) @ (262) 745-8362 or email sarah(at)

Non-refundable, non-transferable.  Limited scholarships available.  Payment plan available.